Vikran fishing centre is located at the seashore of famous Rystraumen. Streams bring a lot of fish, and even an amateur will not stay without a catch. We have all fishing spots near the centre. Cod, wolffish and halibut can be caught just 100 meters from Vikran. If you arrive by plane, you can rent all the equipment and enjoy fishing.

Our place is perfect for family fishing and as well for those who are looking for halibuts. Our record so far is 90 kilo halibut. February-June are fantastic months for wolffish, and the biggest was 15 kilos.



Compare to other fishing camps, Vikran is well protected from winds. Location makes it possible to go fishing the whole year around, even at winter. We will always show you the best spots, and our experienced guide will teach you how to fish. Kids love such an adventure. You can rent flotation suits and fishing rods at place. Invite the whole family to join your fishing holidays!


Fishing seasons

We go fishing all seasons.

During the polar night, from the end of november to the end of January, fishing is limited by 3-4 hours.

You can get cod the whole year around.

Wolffish seasons starts in February and ends in June.

Halibut comes in March and stay in the area untill the end of October.

Red fish season is from June 1st untill August 31st.

Flatfish season is in July-August.

Mackrel season is in August-September.




Halibut fishing

Halibut is active from March until October. The biggest halibut was over 2 meters and approximately 100+ kilo. It is not allowed to take such big spicies on board acoording to the law.

The location of our camp is special because all halibut fishing areas starts in 100 meters.

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Our boats

We have good and stable boats for the sea fishing: STING 535 pro and KAASBØLL 19

STING 535 is light, spacious boat, stable and good seaworthiness.

KAASBØLL 19  is aluminium boat with good seaworthiness.

STING 535 pro

Where to fish

All fishing areas and spots start in 100 meters form the camp.

Halibut fishing spots start near the camp.

Wolffish fishing spots  are in 10-15 minutes by boat.

Cod fishing areas are in 5-25 minutes by boat.

Red fish areas are in 20-25 minutes by boat.

It takes one hour to go to the Northern part of the Senja island and open sea.

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